Create a Peer-Powered Magazine Using Flipboard's Timeline Links


Would you read an aesthetically pleasing digital magazine that is custom tailored to your interests? That would be awesome, right? I believe I’ve found this exact product by using a combination of Twitter, Flipboard, and the “Your Timeline Links” feature… and I think you’d like it too.

I'm always on the look-out for apps and websites that help me stay informed on the topics I care about most. The trouble is: everyone likes different stuff. We all have unique tastes. So, which website or app is the best to read? One solution I’ve found is to follow the recommendations of people I trust most.

I’ve mentioned that Twitter shows you what your peers are thinking, and importantly, the links they’re sharing. However, after following dozens of people, the tweets really add up. If you follow a lot of folks on Twitter you know what I’m talking about. Any given time of day that you check Twitter there’ll be a ton of thoughts, photos, and links to read through. Did you miss a good link from 10am? Shouldn’t there be a “Best of Twitter” list? There should, and there is. You can find it using Flipboard.

Flipboard started out as a highly acclaimed iPad app. It “wows” people. The first thing you do is link it to your Twitter and/or Facebook accounts. It then displays your social streams in a beautifully rendered magazine-like format. This is quite impressive, but I really found value when I discovered the “Your Timeline Links” feature. This view filters your Twitter stream down to the important news, photos, and blog posts that someone in your social network found valuable enough to share.

Here’s what it looks like on the iPad and iPhone (it’s also available on Android devices, if that’s how you roll):






Be sure to add “Your Timeline Links” to your Flipboard homepage:



Now I find myself checking into Fliboard in the morning and evening to see what people are sharing. What do you think? If there’s anything better out there I’d love to hear about it.