PDX Tech Talks Monthly - A Series

Last year Luc Perkins dared to blog about what many were silently thinking: “Could Portland be the best city in the country for developers right now?”  My head was nodding in agreement as I read his detailed description of Portland’s awesome tech scene, and the great community vibe here. I was especially impressed with the long list of meetups he included. There’s a Commodore Users Group? Sweet!

The PDX meetups are truly impressive. Formed around a shared technology or interest, most meet monthly, include some brilliant speaker(s), and are almost all free. After the last AgilePDX meetup, I was chatting with some folks about various the user groups, and realized there were many I haven’t been to yet. I checked the Calagator calendar, and my "need to attend" list quickly grew. Although I occasionally make the effort to travel across town and hear about some cool new project or technology, clearly I have more work to do.

So, here’s my plan: I’ll go to a PDX tech talk each month, then post about who I met and what I learned. Easy, right?

Next Post

I’ll write up my notes from last week’s inspiring “Ignite TAO” event.