How to Select Software Engineering Tools without Inciting Team Rebellion

Lately I've been thinking a lot about how we choose the tools we use to build software, and how important those choices are. I figured it might help others if I wrote down my own thought process for selecting development tools, so I published this post on Medium: "Choose Your Weapon: How to Select Software Engineering Tools without Inciting Team Rebellion".

This was my first post on Medium where I received help from others using their editing tools. Reviewers can add private comments using the same mechanism that reader use to make public comments. I received some great ideas from Tyler Fitch, and wording advice from my wife. The collaboration features worked great, although my wife missed the power-tools for tracking changes offered by Microsoft Word. This is also the first time I wrote the whole post in Medium, instead of saving drafts elsewhere then pasting it in, so I must really trust their editor.

Thus concludes my obligatory annual blog post. At this point I'm just writing on Medium and using my blog for editorial. Am I doing it wrong? Also, if you have any thoughts about selecting development tools, I'd love to hear them :)